Pet portraits


Installation. Paintings. Drawings. Video.
Museo de Artes Plásticas “Eduardo Sívori”, Buenos Aires. June-July, 2013.

Photography: Alejandra Urresti

The exhibition Pet Portraits represents the final stage of a project that started in 2009 called the Pet Portraits Service*. It is organized around three sections: a selection of 40 portraits, a Pet Portraitist Cabinet and a video including interviews with the pet’s owners.

*The Pet Portraits Service is a work in progress started in December 2009. It is an aesthetic and emotional exploration of the animal world, more specifically of the pet. With a strong narrative component, the Pet Portraits Service delves into the connection between the human and the animal world: from a humorous and affectionate perspective, but also bordering the unusual and eccentric. The PPS approaches the portraitone of the most traditional genres in art historyfrom an different point of view: if before the pet was the inevitable companion of the human, now it becomes the protagonist and it is able to condense a whole new universe, living and acting as the catalyst of dreams, anxieties and joys of its owner. Hidden in the details of the portrait, as a code of interlaced tracks and keys, you can find and scrutinize the privacy of the domestic environment.The painting becomes part of the private constellation of familiar objects.