Rooms Available for Young Women

foto tom

Installation. 3,5 x 1,5 m.
Personal Diary, Intinerant show: Centro Cultural Parque España (Rosario)- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Salta) – Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz (Río Gallegos) – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Bahía Blanca)
September, 2008

Photography: Tomás Lerner

From January to September, 2008 I lived at the Hotel Tucumán, a boarding house for young ladies in the Almagro neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Rents in Buenos Aires were very high and I didn’t have steady work. I was also waiting for a house to sell, part of a family inheritance that would enable me to buy an apartment. In the mean time, I spent a year living in friends’ houses, a hostel and finally at the boarding house for young ladies. Arriving at the boarding house was like opening a book where every room was a different chapter, the story of someone’s life. I began by narrating my chapter, making drawings of every corner of my room and writing letters. At some point the stories began to mix…